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About Kendells Bistro



It’s relaxed, informal no waiters topping up wine glasses after every sip, or sneaking up behind you with a six foot peppermill. Cloth napkins but not starched, blackboard menus open plan kitchen (yes you can actually see me - scary)! intimate cosy candles flickering friendly without pretence ok so with a mix of Halifaxsoise and Franglaise rears its head now and then but some words just don’t translate very well if at all.

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It is not a designer restaurant I could not afford one it’s a mix and match its my rendition of a Parisian bistro and besides I want people to come for my food not the art work on the walls or the sexy sultry looks of the Maitre de.

I much prefer the rustic restaurants the bistros the ones you find accidentally in sleepy villages wondering where everyone has gone, just following my ears and nose while waiting for the sans plomb man to come back from his 2 hour lunch, fill me up si'l vous plait.

Kendells Bistro is all about me me me with no apologies it’s the sum total of my life so far my thoughts on cooking the dishes that I have eating in through out France this is what I do for a living its one of the few things that I do well. It is what I do. Cook.

Gosh its so hard to write about myself it doesn’t come natural its like ripping my clothes off tearing my heart out and shouting this is me, look at me, here I am but at least you know its from me, by me, and not from some PR company so apologies for my grammar or lack of it but I am not that bothered anyway.

I don’t pretend to be the best chef in the world.
I don’t pretend to be the best chef in Leeds and besides my mum is.

Reading all this sounds like a big ego trip but all I have tried to do is be honest with you honest with myself and above all honest with my food.

Bon Appetit
Steve Kendell

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